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Hey Guys! I’m FINALLY back to writing posts! I thought that I’d have more time to get stuff done when I graduated college, BUT NOPE. Who knew unemployment would be this busy LOL. A lot has happened and is currently happening! I started a youtube channel, check it out if you want! I want to try to divide my time between videos and blog posts because I love both and they’re equally time-consuming, honestly.

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1. Pineapple Candle // 2. UGG Scuffette Slippers // 3.  Braven Balance Speaker // 4. Marble Cheese Board // 5. FITBIT Charge 2 // 6.  Dear Mom Jewelry Tray // 7. Gardening Gloves // 8.  Smashbox Highlighter //9.  Victoria’s Secret Pajamas // 10. Black Opium Perfume // 11. Kate Spade Mom Necklace

You guys voted on my Instagram poll to see a Mother’s Day Gift Guide, and here it is!! Mother’s Day is May 13th this year so I’m writing this post for anyone who may be stumped on what to get! Moms can be difficult to shop for because…well, they gave you life so it’s kind of hard to find a gift that matches that feat, ya know?

I did some research, and came up with the items above! Granted, every mom is different and as their child–YOU KNOW THEIR TASTE BEST. I encourage you to swap out the perfume, jewelry, home decor, etc. to match your mom’s taste.

I tried to include items for all different kinds of moms. I have loungewear for the homebody (#2 & #9), a cheese board for the foodie (#4), gardening gloves for the gardener (#7), and a Fitbit for the mom-on-the-go (#5).

For anyone that looks at this list and is still unsure of what to get her: you can’t go wrong with flowers and a nice lunch out (your treat of course)! But, I DO hope that the list helped provide some inspiration, if nothing else!

I hope everyone spends mom’s day with the woman who literally pushed you into the world! I don’t know if you guys have ever seen those live birth videos, but that stuff is CRAZY haha! Respect to all the moms out there. They’re definitely real-life superheroes and god knows what we’d do without them.

Happy Mother’s Day & thanks for reading!

xx Trace

June 11, 2018 2 comments
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Hey ya’ll, I’m back with another fashion post! I love how these pictures came out and all the credit goes to my photographer, Kayla. I showed the outfit to some of my peers and I got interpretations such as “Wednesday Addams,” “Amish Farm Girl” and “Scarecrow.” Either way, I’m embracing it because I really like this outfit and I hope you all will too haha.

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Breezy Indie Market #OOTD

This past Sunday I did some casual shopping at Gainesville’s local Indie Flea market. If I don’t leave the house in my usual athleisure attire, then chances are that I’ll probably put a little effort into my outfit. Also, if I take the time to do my makeup, then I will definitely put effort into my look. I don’t know how some girls do a full face “beat” and then wear pajamas in broad daylight, but props to them. I don’t have the ovaries to rock that look.

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